With over 30 years combined experience in Early Years education, My Recycled Classroom formed after realising there was an urgent need for schools and educators to have a serious rethink about the resourcing of their classrooms and settings.

Having worked with children for many years in schools that were plastic-fantastic and unsustainable (both environmentally and financially), My Recycled Classroom has been developing a range of projects to explore possible innovative solutions – working with children, teachers and communities.

All our resources and environments are made from free or found materials including old clothing, supermarket packaging, single-use plastics, cable reels, carpet cylinders, building waste, found natural resources, used pens & glue sticks, discarded bicycle wheels, old CDs, disused tennis rackets and much more. 

Andrea Rose

A teacher with a background in producing documentaries for the BBC and managing projects, Andrea is the strategic planner, workshop leader and engine-driver. She’s passionate about fostering creativity and inquiry in the youngest of learners, and passing on her skills to adult ones.

Jan Stevens

If you’re looking for someone to think outside the box with just a box, Jan is the one for the job. With many years experience working with children, Jan is a power-house of ideas and a finder of fun. She’s currently exploring weird and wonderful things we might do with old golf balls and other abandoned plastic items.

Maddy Yong

Maddy’s flair for design and her skills in communicating with diverse audiences stem from her time working in advertising. She’s also brilliant at communicating with small people and has many years experience in the classroom. Maddy is our health and safety expert, making sure our mad ideas don’t land us or anyone else in trouble.

What we do is all about working with and listening to children themselves and creating something intriguing and sustainable to save money whilst saving the planet. We support teachers, schools and communities to create purposeful environments and exciting experiences, to improve educational outcomes and challenge mindsets. We are passionate about taking the ‘sigh’ factor out of recycling. Who said that changing the world has to be boring?